Happy 2017–2018 Ski Season! Remembering Lost Area in South Park

Sticker on bench made out of snowboards at Indian Mountain.

When you’re driving through the vast South Park on your way to well-known ski areas and mountain communities, try to envision a ski area right there.

Indian Mountain operated about ten miles southeast of Jefferson and served a local community.

One summer, the authors went there to investigate. We walked the old runs  and took pictures of remaining signs of the old lifts. We also found an old sticker for the area on a bench made of snowboards.

You can find out a little more about Indian Mountain in the Lost Ski Areas of the Front Range and Northern Mountains book.

Have a fun and safe ski season!


Local Man Places Geocaches at Lost Ski Areas

Cacheologist  Jim Wulff, of Evergreen, came with his wife to Where the Books Go where the authors appeared for a local author event on Saturday, December 3, 2016. It was great to meet them.

Look who showed up at Where the Books Go in Evergreen: Jim Wulff, CacheOlogist.
Look who showed up at Where the Books Go in Evergreen: Jim Wulff, Cacheologist.

We didn’t know that Jim has been placing geocaches at the lost ski hills and areas of Colorado, and were happy to learn about his efforts.

According to Jim’s blog (Cacheology: Caching With Cachet) he has been making a variety of hides since March 2008.

Maybe you’d enjoy geocaching in regard to the lost ski areas of Colorado? Check out Jim’s blog and contact him through it.

Authors interviewed by Ryan Warner on CPR’s “Colorado Matters”

The host of “Colorado Matters” on Colorado Public Radio interviewed Caryn and Peter about Lost Ski Areas of Colorado’s Front Range and Northern Mountains on November 12, 2014.  Listen here.

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Ryan Warner interviewed the Boddies about Lost Ski Areas of Colorado’s Central and Southern Mountains on January 5, 2016. Listen here.

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Shed at Redstone. Caryn Boddie photo.