What Are These Books?

Boys-at-Berthoud-cropped-USFS-photoIn Colorado, there is a story beneath the story about the state and skiing. It’s a history that was being lost—and it’s a fun history.

There are over 140 lost ski areas in Colorado; that is, people created and skied many areas throughout the state and then closed them for various reasons. These two books by Caryn and Peter Boddie take you on a tour of these places and introduce you to the areas—with all great details, including GPS coordinates of the areas. We also introduce you to the early skiers through words and historic images.

Buy from the authors here and we will be happy to sign books before we ship them, but please let us know in “Order Notes” to whom you would like us to sign them. If you don’t instruct us, we’ll sign with a general phrase, such as “Enjoy!” or “Enjoy your tour of Colorado’s lost ski hills.” For a limited time, we will give free shipping for books order from us.

If you have memories to share about lost ski areas in Colorado, please share them on this site. Also, we’d love to have you review our books here.

Thanks and enjoy! Caryn and Peter Boddie

4 thoughts on “What Are These Books?”

  1. Hi Caryn and Peter, I just got your book Lost Ski Area and love it.
    I would like your permission to do a review for our Custer County
    Historical and Genealogical Society for our newsletter.
    I am President of the Org. now and this would reach all our members.
    It would be just on the ones in Custer County which I already have
    put together but our Newsletter does not go out to January.

    This is a good buy for $21.99 plus $3.22 Postage. Should I give them
    your address in Littleton for purchase?

    Good job Dorothy Urban

    1. Hi, Dorothy. Sorry not to reply to you. I just saw your message! Please have people go to the website and order there. Hope you’re doing well! Caryn

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